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Clinician needs an objective wound characterization method to decide if the current treatment is adequate or require adjustments. Accurate wound measurement is important task in chronic wound management, because changes of the wound size and tissue types are indicators of the healing progress.

WoundManagerTM is software for chronic wound analysis and healing process assessment. Sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm, trained by human expert, ensures accurate tissue classification in wound image analysis. WoundManagerTM answers the question often raised by wound care specialists: „Is this wound improving, deteriorating or not changing“. If the wound is not improving appropriate action (therapy adjustment) should be taken as soon as possible.



WoundManagerTM implements advanced image analysis algorithm to classify individual pixels of the wound image based on color information. Classification parameters were learned from examples presented by wound expert during the learning process.

Wound processing is straightforward:

  1. Raw wound image
  2. Analyzed wound - different tissue types are displayed in different colors
  3. Numerical and graphical representation of tissue types percentage and wound dimensions
  4. Wound healing progress

Analysis results contains of wound area and circumference as well as percentages of different tissue types.

If two or more examinations exist, it is possible to graphically represent the healing process. Upper graph displays relative change of tissues percentage in time and lower graph displays change of wound area with tissue content.

Database is organized in such a way that each patient is associated to one or more wounds and each wound is associated with corresponding examinations. Patients, wounds and examinations are accessed through corresponding application tabs.

Data structure